Nakano representative (living in UAE) discussed at Skype and participated in the voting
, became the first carbon summer “general meeting”.

Date: 20th April 25 (Sat) 11: 00-12
: 00 Place: Kusatsu Machizukuri Center

Proposal No. 1: About Officers
〇 Retirement of Director Kondo: A resignation due to personal reasons was accepted. 〇 Inauguration of Hayama director: I was appointed newly. ※ Professor of Kyoto Seika University (architecture), accompanied us in Tainan.

Proposal No. 2: About the Tainan Project
〇 In addition to the “Tainan Activity Report” (Proposal to Tainan City) about the future development, we
will introduce the activity proposal (proposal to Hsinchu County, attached file) We discussed the development of. Although Hsinchu visited for the first time in February this year, the next administrative presentation will be realized next time (planned for June). Regarding Tainan, Shiga Prefecture plans to order orders for proposals in this fiscal year and will continue to maintain relationships with local residents.